And so the journey begins…

Hello there, thank you for joining me.

I am not sure yet what I want this page to become, but as a solo traveler, I often have a lot of time to myself to think. I always have a million thoughts, stories and experiences that I wish I could share but I never took the time to write them down. I want this page to be not just a travel diary but a place I can share my daily thoughts and musings about life as me.

I am here to learn from my own experiences, mistakes I have made, people I have met and moments that sometimes are too beautiful not to share. My hope is that maybe one day, someone just like me in search of some answers will stumble upon this page and see that they are not alone.  I hope this page achieves all that but also maybe help others who can identify themselves in my posts on their own journeys of discovery.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” … J.R.R Tolkien


Picture taken at Hobbiton movie set at Matamata, New Zealand.



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